The Success story of our German Business Partner Amexus

Amexus Informationstechnik GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading companies in Germany for professional business process integration, content management and data analytics.

Founded in 1992 as a 2-man company, today more than 100 employees at 8 locations provide top-class consulting and tailor-made solutions for medium-sized and large companies throughout Europe.

The Journey

In the promise of solutions, the effective use of professional CRM solutions is a core component and rapidly increasing in importance.

With the experience of more than 25 years of project implementation, Amexus continuously optimizes a strategy for the successful realization of CRM projects.

One of the keys to success with CRM  is the right set-up in everyday use scenarios. CRM is not a dedicated departmental solution, CRM is an enterprise solution and has the greatest possible impact if it supports every single employee in their everyday tasks.

In the summer of 2017, Amexus got in touch with us (Timespare It-Solutions) as the German distributor for CRM Together.  They came to understand a new approach to effective CRM usage with Accelerator for Sage CRM and MobileX for Sage CRM.  New innovative and previously missing functions enabled data entry in record time bringing extremely high added value to the customer experience.

These new possibilities greatly expanded and simplified the customer approach and led to a paradigm shift in consulting and deployment for Amexus with a significant impact on the overall CRM strategy for both themselves and their customers.

Use CRM exactly where it is needed.  – Sounds obvious and seems simple, however that is one of the major hurdles in the real world and very often the reason CRM projects fail to deliver on expected benefits.

Accelerator and MobileX from CRM Together are the best way to clear these hurdles.

CRM solutions from Amexus enable customers to interact with their own customers immediately and competently.  To react in a comprehensive and up-to-date manner, to update data, to be more efficient and ultimately more productive, always with direct reference to the business transaction at hand.

Customers work in familiar environments, Microsoft Outlook and Mobile Devices. To train or demo in familiar environments showcases outlook handling, CRM functionality and successfully highlights the optimization of data quality and data handling efficiency.

CRM solutions from Amexus with Accelerator and MobileX in play lay the foundations for all valuable CRM follow-up actions and strategies in business.

This procedure with these possibilities now allows every customer to start CRM immediately, even without a large CRM project and see immediate benefit.  A huge opportunity to make existing customers happier and generate new simple CRM projects.  This was the real opportunity that Amexus recognised and thus vigorously attacked.

One year later, Amexus is the most successful CRM Together reseller in Central Europe.

Sage CRM customers of Amexus have already bought both CRM Together and Sage CRM licenses.

For Amexus in one year, the sale of new CRM projects has increased significantly, the number of small CRM projects has multiplied, and large projects have significantly improved throughput quality.

Jörg Tomse (Amexus) and Ralph Garthe (Timespare) pictured at the CRM Together Offices June 2018

An important reason for the rapid success is that sales now need not only consist of CRM specialists.  The core discipline of CRM is communicated and understood by customers at the early stage of the demo with CRM Together tools leading the presentation. CRM sales are now easier for Amexus personnel and successful for everyone involved, both partner and customer.

We (CRM Together and Timespare) are convinced the success for Amexus will continue and look forward to the next chapter of the their story.

Written & submitted by Ralph Garthe – Timespare (German Distributor for CRM Together)

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