Of course there are are many reasons to love Accelerator but here are just 10 specific ones

1.   Locate and match CRM records.

You can avoid duplication by matching email addresses of contacts. When you compose a new message, Accelerator display the details in context. With just one click, you can save any attachments to the appropriate customer record.

2.  Create new records from email.

With Accelerator, you can add new cases or opportunities as well as create new companies and contacts directly from an email.

3.   Attach Global documents to an email.

Access Sage CRM documents to share best practices or sales literature to provide solutions to frequently asked questions and common issues. Placing individual articles directly into email can help you provide timely and accurate information to your customers.

4.   Schedule follow-up activities.

As you receive email from customers, clients, and suppliers, you can quickly create new tasks and schedule appointments and phone calls for follow-up.

5.   Use CRM templates in Outlook email.

You can quickly locate and insert a CRM email template, CRM global template, or entity-specific template into a new email and use Outlook functions to make revisions before you send.

6.   Access recent records.

The app makes it easy to access another CRM record such as a case, lead, opportunity, or project – Your bookmarks will display used items that you’ve saved as needing quick access to them.

7.   Save several email exchanges against an opportunity?

Use the sticky function to stop Accelerator changing context and still navigate through your emails

8.   Search CRM for contacts

Utilise CRM as your address book

9.   Add a new lead

You have sourced a new lead for business and you want to get the pipeline updated, screen scrape the details from your email and create an opportunity whilst still in Outlook

10.   Tag an email exchange

If you have an email exchange relating to a case that you wish logged to an entity, simply search Accelerator for the appropriate case, tag and save, all other email exchanges will display the appropriate case rather than the email address context.

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