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We have just released an update for Accelerator for Sage CRM (AC) and MobileX for Sage CRM (MX).  As both products belong to the same installer and use the same server side technology they are always released together.

The major update coming for all our products is the newly built in caching. This speeds up the smartphone and Outlook experience considerably and also reduces the load on the Sage CRM server.

One thing to bear in mind though is that from a customization point of view you need to turn the caching off temporarily to see your changes. The cache itself is cleared down every hour in case it does need to pick up any updates.  Entity Data itself is not cached, only metadata (lists/screens etc).


Specific points

  • MobileX can now have its own screens. Currently it mostly uses the same screens/lists as Accelerator but it is possible to create MX specific screens/lists.
  • MobileX now supports more Sage CRM field types like Multi-select fields, display of all Search Select Advanced (SSA) fields and new custom stored procedure fields (fields like case_reference, though the case_reference was always supported). The stored procedure fields behave slightly differently from in CRM, in that within CRM itself the id is generated before the record is created but in MX it is created after the record is created.
    The SSA field support is for display only. You cannot select an entity yet though that is on the product roadmap.
  • We have updated date display support, this can be set at default on the server side now.
  • On the NEW and EDIT screens the label alignment has been changed from being on the same line to having the label above. This is for a better user experience on smartphones.
  • Workflow support has been added. So by this we mean that when a case or opportunity is created that they are entered into a workflow with a given state. This has been in AC for a long time and is now in MX.
  • General speed enhancement overall on the product


Specific points

  • Phone/Email screens now look the same as on CRM itself, we removed the annoying limitation of just having phone and fax.
  • General speed enhancement overall on the product

Full details of all releases are available in the product help

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