To follow are a selection of videos covering our products, some custom work and highlighting some specific product features.

Each video specifies chapters, should you wish to jump ahead to review the content quickly.

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Focusing on the newer features of Accelerator for Sage CRM

Accelerator Classic has similar functionality but there is a brand new UI available, this video gets into the newer features specifically

Accelerator Bookmarks

Why you might use them, how to use them and the benefits

MoblieX for Sage CRM

The only mobile platform that can be fully customised to suit the customer's needs

Customer 365 for Sage CRM

Self-service options for your customer, This product is fully responsive and customisable

Crystal Manager for Sage CRM

Access branded Crystal Reports directly from Sage CRM - Reports can be accessed in the browser, as PDF or MS Word. A full audit trail is kept of when reports are run and by who - Security at a user or team level can be applied

Showcase of Free & Commercial Products Available

We offer professional services for Sage CRM. Our products MobileX and Customer 365 will generally be sold as a mix of product and services. This video gets into some interesting project and integrations completed by us in tandem with various partners