We have just released a minor update to Accelerator. All changes are in the Server and Outlook module.

The version is

The updates are a mix of a couple of new features and bug fixes

New options

  • Untag an email – this will remove any tag(s) from an email
  • Tag email body instead of the subject – We got asked about this a lot and now we have the option (client-side) to put the tag into the email body.

Bug fixes

  • Embedded images from CRM Email Templates now work properly when brought into Outlooks email client window
  • When saving email to CRM, it is now possible to add attachments along with attaching the email itself
  • Attaching Global Documents now uses a customisable SQL query from the Web.Config
  • Improved error handling
  • French Sage CRM support change – work around for custom scripts this version contains

As usual details are on the online help

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