A big thank you to Dan Cousins for taking the time to discuss our Sage CRM Add on products..

We invited Dan to join us on this webside Chat, to give us the inside track of how his clients use our Sage CRM add on products, to enhance their usage of Sage CRM on a daily basis.

Our focus was on our add on products for Sage CRM, including Accelerator (Outlook Integration), Crystal Manager (Reports tool) and MobileX (smart CRM access on the move)

To follow is an abbreviated transcript of the conversation but the full interview is also included should you wish to watch the video which is approximately 20 minutes long…

About DCAA

Dan Cousins originated from the Sage 300 channel in North America.  He has been involved with Sage CRM since the turn of the century.  Dan the Managing Director and Owner of DCAA  is the ‘go to’ Sage CRM man in the North American market.

A turning point for DCAA was embracing the line up of Sage CRM Add on products that CRM Together produce.  A long-term seller of Crystal Manager, Dan took MobileX and Accelerator internally and began to see the real power of these add on tools as they used them in-house.

Dan spoke as a partner of how the dynamite integration to Outlook with Accelerator has been a major reason why Dan has been able to acquire new clients for Sage CRM whilst also ensuring existing clients are happy.

Dan wanted to make sure he conveyed how important it was to DCAA to embrace CRM Togethers products because it made their life easier and their clients happier.  He recommended that all partners use our software (always nice to hear!)

In summary Dan is a huge fan of CRM Together and says we are instrumental in the success of DCAA in North America in the Sage CRM market.

    • Accelerator Benefits to DCAA Customers
      • Makes Sage CRM so much easier to use
      • Visually very good
      • Creating companies/people so fast
      • Tagging emails and the huge benefits, particularly for those in project management.  Link many people or companies to specific cases or opportunities in Sage CRM
      • Improves adoption
      • Streamlining processes
      • More data captured, quality data!
    • Crystal Manager Benefits to DCAA Customers
      • Complex reports bringing in data from all over Sage CRM, example given of a property management company who take care of over 100 buildings.  In Sage CRM they record maintenance, vendors, costs involved, they use Crystal Manager to produce a custom report of issues, outstanding issues, closed issues, costs etc for the board of directors at any time.
      • Sage CRM is abstract software, when there is an example of reporting from the database it allows a customer to connect the dots and understand the power of the software.
    • MobileX Benefits to DCAA Customers
      • Very stable
      • Very flexible
      • Options to extend are above and beyond other offerings in the market
      • Predictable results of how the software should work
      • Reliable and fast
      • Can reach out to CRM Together for support and maintenance easily
      • Upload of images or files via MobileX

Finally, some cool blogs from both the CRM Together site and from DCAA that were mentioned during the session.

Full recording below..

Many thanks, Dan for taking the time to chat with us..

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