So we have been asked a lot about putting Leads into MobileX for Sage CRM (our mobile web app for Sage CRM) and we now have this coming out in our March 2018 release.

The benefit of having leads here is that if you use this entity you can capture this data into CRM when you are trade shows attending a booth or out and about prospecting.

How does it work?

It works pretty similar to how the other entities like opportunity and cases work.

Existing leads in the system can be searched on and if they are linked to a company already in CRM then you see that link also.

Mobile Sage CRM lead summary Adding a communication record is the same. Click on the + in the top right  corner

Mobile Sage CRM lead add new

and you get the action menu.

Mobile Sage CRM lead noteFrom there you can create a note

Mobile Sage CRM lead phoneand this is visible in CRM and MobileX after (as indeed are existing notes)

Mobile Sage CRM lead communications

You can log new lead also. Again click the menu +  button to see the action buttonMobile Sage CRM lead add new

And select the + button beside lead. This opens the New Lead screen and you enter your data either using the keyboard and/or voice.

Mobile Sage CRM lead save

And click the tick to save. You then see the lead summary screen.

Mobile Sage CRM lead summary view

You can of course edit the data and bookmark leads and see them in the history also.




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