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Well we had a great time in Canada and did some work (just a little) when exhibiting at TPAC 2017 (at Niagara falls no less).

It was our first time back since our first conference in 2011 and it was great. Doug and his team are great hosts and very welcoming.

We had a good catch up with the channel, Sage and the other ISV’s there. This is rare image of our booth with no one there. I had to sneak in at midnight to get it this quiet 🙂

Sage presented also and there was some #SageCRM news in that Sage Intelligence Reporting now has a Sage CRM connector.


Shout out (in no particular order) to

http://www.odiglobal.com/ – Gerry (the advice is always appreciated)

http://www.realisable.co.uk/ – James

http://dcaa.ca/ – Dan (A fellow CRM’er…check out his HRMS app for #SageCRM)

http://www.smarthotelsoftware.com/ – Doug

https://www.iciniti.com/about/news/2016/04/08/order-desk-for-sage-crm – Bill and Jeff


Here is a photo from Toronto as we went there too. Nice. ah.


See you in Atlanta for Sage summit….

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