Mark Binkely & Arline Welty

DataQuest/Arxis customer conference in September 2014.

Accelerator got some nice sunshine on its face at our customer conference in September. I did a live demonstration showing how Accelerator helps collapse the distance between Sage CRM and Microsoft Outlook.

Accelerator for Outlook works because it brings Sage CRM into our everyday e-mail transactions. Our clients like it because it helps them get the full value from their investment in Sage CRM, delivering on the promise of a 360° view of the relationships they’re building with prospects, customers and vendors.

And everyday people relate to Accelerator because they see it as a shortcut.  For example, during the demonstration, I showed how any email can be converted into an Opportunity in Sage CRM without leaving your inbox. That same email can be tagged, sent to multiple parties inside and outside the organization for discussion, and returned to you with the tag for simple filing into the original opportunity. This all happens within Outlook (See? Shortcut.)

Mark & ArlineThere are so many ways that Accelerator acts like a hinge, bringing together the world of e-mail and the world of Sage CRM: we created a mail-merged document that automatically PDFs itself & attaches itself to an email, which is automatically saved to the opportunity record. We tapped in a few ‘phone out’ notes from within Outlook. And we saw how everything we did incrementally populated the opportunity record and worked together to tell the story within Sage CRM.

The impact of all of this is that it allows organizations to learn from their own history. Instead of starting from scratch every time someone’s responsibilities change, or every time someone new is on board, you have the ability to reach into Sage CRM and see real transactions that have shaped our relationship with that customer over time.

Organizations are like living organisms- we have to be able to grow and learn from ourselves. We need to be able to adapt to change. And all parts of the organization must to work for the good of the whole.  And if a “shortcut” can bring this about, I say ‘Cheers to that’!

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Thank you again to Arline for sharing this guest blog post with us!



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