Advanced Reporting

Sage CRM comes with an in-built reporting tool, we take it a step further!

Where the in-built Sage CRM reporting tool is lacking, is in the ability to apply a certain style to the reports and also building report1complex reports that might link data across enterprise databases.

Crystal Reports is a product available from SAP and comes in various formats (developer/pro etc).

Its power is in the ability to connect different data sources and prompt users for input (where applicable in your report design).

The ‘Crystal Manager for Sage CRM’ allows you to expose access to these reports through Sage CRM’s web interface (typically they would be run on the desktop).

crmreportWe have clients who use it to expose read-only (as reports typically are) data from ERP systems (such as Sage 300 ERP, Sage 200 UK, Sage MAS etc). These reports might be credit reports, previous purchases, statements, project reports etc.

Large reports that take time to run can be a problem running them over the web (due to its stateless nature) so we built in a caching mechanism which mimics state and improves responsiveness of large reports (IE reports with a large number of pages and sub-queries for example)



One-click reports allow you to publish reports that take context information (company/person/opportunity etc.) and can be run from Summary screens. This is ideal for invoice creation or credit reports on companies. Users are not prompted to input any information.

Reports can also be delivered in a variety of formats via one-click and even stored in CRM’s library as a snap shot record or what was delivered. This is ideal for checking up on what data was used. It also stores the id value of any reports run in a log table allowing you to audit access to data via the reports.



Crystal itself provides export options to a variety of formats.labelreport

Our online help is comprehensive and also shows how you can integrate one-click reports into custom entities (or we can do any customizations needed).

We provide webinars most weeks and we can schedule online demos so please contact us if you would like to know more or see the software in action.





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