The complete video replay of this presentation is below.

At the start of each section is highlighted the time it is covered in the video above or you can follow the chapters highlighted at the bottom of the video

3.25 Editable Grids User license available from Leading Edge

This product can be used with an editable grid screen. It assists with data entry or updating data. You can change several items at once, or add new rows to save quickly and easily. This can be controlled with metadata. You can also export, create groups or navigate date, the technology used is AJAX

Free Open Source Tools Available from with full source code for free. Support is an additional cost

5.00 Rapid Item Picker

Traditionally if you want to create a new line item in Sage CRM, you have to wait for the screen to refresh several times. With this plugin, you can edit and update several fields at once, then simply close and refresh. It is particularly useful in building quotes.

11.10 Inline Editing

Setup to work across multiple screens in CRM, it basically highlights what field you are updating. Typically in CRM you have to click change where with this product you save on-screen field by field.

12.20 Sage 300 Graphs

This is linking ERP data and displaying it visually in Sage CRM, delivering a true 360 degree view of your data

14.00 Signature Capture

This is a plugin that we use in Sage CRM and also MobileX where a signature can be saved in real-time in CRM. This can be installed using the component manager of Sage CRM.

15.10 Html Editor

This tool allows you to paste images directly in Sage CRM for visual appeal on for example a company screen. This means you don’t have to search for images in the documents section of Sage CRM.

18.10 Crystal Manager

You can build a report that will link to any data source and then expose it within Sage CRM again contributing to the full 360 degree view of your data. This can be accessible via Sage CRM Reports or you can introduce a one-click button where a button group already exists. There is a fully supported audit trail and the software will save a copy of the report in Sage CRM every time it is run.

20.30 Accelerator for Sage CRM – Mail Merge App for Word & Excel

This ships with the outlook integration.

You can select any CRM template, merge single record data and export it to be an attachment in an email. A copy of the merged document is stored and a communication created in CRM if it is emailed. That existing document can be accessed and edited with version control in play, each new version created is saved in Sage CRM.

Merging to Excel is also possible. You could use any view and so effectively achieve quite complicated merges.

7.20 Customer Self Service Portal – Customer 365 Development integrated to Sage 100

Sage CRM allows a self-service option per person. Customer 365 offers enhanced functionality, predominantly around case management.

It is possible to expose CRM solutions to allow the full 365 service to your customer.

Within the portal, it is possible to create an order using the Rapid Item Picker. A customer can create their own order based upon Sage 100 data that is pulled into the portal. Once the order is submitted it is pushed directly into their ERP Sage 100 for processing.

Downloads can be made available via the portal, be that maintenance agreements, EULA’s or Marketing Material.

26.40 Questions that were raised and answered in this video

Editable Grids, is it a component install and the associated cost? – Install is straightforward but full details from Leading Edge

Does Crystal Manager depend on the same java merge routines as Sage CRM? – It has its own merge engine, we use the SAP runtime that is shipped by SAP as a distributable runtime, so that has to be installed with Crystal Manager

How does the Accelerator Mail Merge work? The Accelerator merge uses the office com API to open up word and merge, the same with excel but it is not really a merge as there is none available, but it is a replace of the data using hash codes.

Does inline editing comply with business rules? Yes it actually creates the screen in the background.

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