We have completed some UI changes to MobileX that will be released the week of 14th Sept 2016.

Short video here

Our aim was to enhance usability and visibility (font size) based upon feedback from Sage Summit 2016.

  • Person SummaryChanged the format of the action buttons (circles)

Action Buttons

  • Removed the border from entity buttons.

Entity Menus

  • Search edit only appears when in use, you must click on the search icon to activate

Top Nav Section

Top Nav Search

  • Moved the + button from the left to the top right making it easier to use with one hand.

Top Nav Add

  • Included a new plugin to view a user’s case list from CRM.


  • Changed how the dialogs appeared to introduce more consistency i.e. Cancel and save buttons now show in the top left and top right respectively.



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