Over the last few years we have iterated over several versions of the website and really never felt 100% happy with it but finally I think we have cracked this nut.

And it’s all thanks to Majella O’Connor and the team at Hidden Depth. Since November 2012 they have been planning and designing and re-planning (after I make life difficult…ahem) and they really have delivered beyond expectations.

The site uses wordpress and is also a responsive web-site. This means that it works for any size screen/device (go on and re-size your browser and you will see what I mean)…….do it now….I’ll wait….cool or what?!

We have also moved our software downloads into our own implemented Cloud portal which is of course built on our Sage CRM install.

I hope that with this new site and structures in place we can deliver a better experience for our partners and customers.

I would also like to extend a special thanks to our partners and customers who took the time to provide us with testimonials and case studies.

So I hope you like this too and we look forward to continues success in 2013 and beyond.

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