Here is a preview with some screen shots of the integration on an iPhone. It also works on the iPad.

So with this add-in you can work on your emails (Outlook) and file them as you need and also create entities in Sage CRM (via MobileX). This is a major productivity advantage for Sales people on the road and saves them having to log into a laptop to view full CRM and file emails from their desktop Outlook.

We have some screen shots showing you how this works and how the flow will work. This is due for release in October as part of the Outlook Web Access (OWA) integration we have previewed previously.

Sage CRM customers gain a major advantage over other companies by empowering their sales staff with access to their data. Plus with MobileX’s plugin feature you can add in your own reports and screens to display ERP data for example or custom entity data.

So lets take a look…

When you click the … you see all available add-ins. MobileX integration features 2 options

  1. File Email
  2. Show MobileX

If you chose to File Email you are presented with a list of contacts to file against (based on the email matching)

Clicking “File Email” files the email to CRM against that contact.

The email is then flagged as Filed to CRM

You can also select the option to Show MobileX. Then the system will display the match for the email and we can create (for example) a new opportunity based on that email.

These screen shots are for the iPhone but it also works on the iPad version

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