Accelerator for Sage CRM

Tired of copy and pasting emails to CRM?
Sales team not updating CRM with contact details?
CRM User adoption is poor and stalling the project?

All these issues solved with the best Sage CRM Outlook Integration

Supports :
Office Outlook 2016/2019 in 32 & 64 bit
Locally installed Office 365
Sage CRM versions 2018R1/R2/R3, 2019, 2020, 2021 supported.
Custom Entities are supported

Update CRM data from Outlook

Convert emails to Companies, Contacts, Sales and Cases. File emails, attachments and log call information. With our add on you get the best Outlook to Sage CRM integration for any CRM system.
Right from the start you see future value being built into your Sage CRM.

Create new entities in CRM

In the sample image, we are creating a new company, but this could equally be a new person, opportunity, or case. Custom Primary Entities are supported.


View your case or opportunity pipeline from within Outlook, review a summary in the Accelerator Task Pane, or open full CRM in context.

View Customer History

Select an email and view the customer data automatically. Accelerator will show you summary customer information at the top with the ability to navigate further through cases or opportunities locations or any custom entities in play. Easy access in context to full CRM with one click if for example, you need to access workflow.

Convert emails to ...

Companies, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities or Cases. From day one using Accelerator you are building future value into your business by populating your system with useful data. This is the fuel for your business growth. Creating opportunities easily ensures that they are in the system and will be followed up. Creating cases ensures that you deliver excellent customer service.

Consistent Customer Experience

Use Email and shared documents to allow your staff to provide a consistent customer experience. CRM's shared documents allow you to have a central filing space. This can be accessed and files attached from CRM right from within Outlook.

Email templates

Use Sage CRM Email Templates to standardize the voice of your business and provide a consistent experience for your customers. Processes can be more easily followed and implemented.

Give emails a CRM Context

With our tagging option, you can apply a CRM context to emails. If you create an opportunity from an email you can link the email with a tag. this makes filing emails with this tag a lot easier as Accelerator knows it is to be filed against the opportunity. Visually tagged emails are highlighted in yellow in Accelerator.

Log phone call information

Besides email, we also communicate by phones.
But do these get logged? Most of the time they don't, so there are gaps in our customer engagement data.
With Accelerator we make it easy to log this right from outlook.

Access your CRM Addresses

Your CRM system will outgrow your mail server so you need access to all contacts. Accelerator provides a lookup screen in Outlook that allows you to search for email contacts that live in your CRM system.

File Emails and Documents

You can file full emails so everyone can see the full context with options to set custom fields, for example specifying a document is of a legal nature.


There are several options to customise Accelerator, the screens that display, or the data that is accessed. In this image we are including ERP data within the pipeline.

Talk to us to find out more!

Choose a theme of your choice

Accelerator offers a new option to choose a colour palette for the task pane.

"Accelerator for Sage CRM has revolutionized how we use Sage CRM! Our usage of Sage CRM has at least tripled because the tools we need are now tied right into Outlook, which is where we spend a large part of our day. Now, I can’t imagine working without Accelerator. Thank you CRM Together team! "

Shelley Sanderson
Edge Information Management Solutions

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