The CRM Together team in Germany (and surrounding German speaking regions) and the Sage CRM business partners there are doing some amazing things with Sage CRM.

They have integrated their regional ERP (Sage Office Line) into Sage CRM providing real valuable data (revenue over the years from this customer in this example) on the company screen, through custom screens on the company and even within Accelerator.

The graphs are based off of the open source code we provide at github.

and the Accelerator screen is based off of the details at

With Accelerator you can of course file emails and they created a graph to show this activity also.

These screens were coded by the Sage CRM partner though and shows how you can scale out Sage CRM to be the central datapoint for your business.CRM systems always promise a 360 degree view but rarely deliver, here though you can see that this is possible with Sage CRM.

They even created a screen in Accelerator that has a link that opens google maps and passes in the address. Pretty great stuff.

So of course there are new tools our there that people love and want to use and one of them is Power BI from Microsoft. Well there are examples of that also.

Pretty impressive stuff right!

I thought it was useful to show how Sage CRM itself is really a platform that can deliver and be built upon gradually and provide a solid system for your business that will last for a long time, providing an amazing return on your investment for years to come.

Talk to your Sage CRM Partner if you want more information or contact us here at

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