In March 2020 we completed a Customer 365 (Sage CRM Self Service Portal) project with Lehman Wesley & Associates, that allowed the customers own resellers to:

  • Have a central place for all reseller relevant information
  • Build their own order and have it pushed into Sage 100.
  • View their Invoices
  • Analyze their sales
  • Allows sales reps to order for a given reseller


A central place to message directly to the reseller channel

Reseller Announcements


Allowing ordering online, freed up time the customer usually spent on the phone, or time processing orders from an email.

New Order

When you start an order you get the shipping details pre-populated
Order Item Picker
Our rapid item picker shows the customers product items they can purchase
Order Item Options
The reseller can choose Item Options based on Option Bills that have previously been configured in Bill of Materials


Resellers could view invoices for the past year and click to view more, freeing up time usually spent taking a call/email, finding an invoice and sending it on.

Invoice List
Resellers Invoices for the last year
Sage 100 Invoice
When an item on the list is clicked the reseller invoice is shown

Analyze sales

The Sage CRM based Portal is also integrated with PowerBI to provide access to the reseller’s data, allowing them to drill down into details as needed.

Power BI
Power BI Data Model

Sales Reps

Sales reps can manage an account for a reseller and order on their behalf, This can take place in face to face meeting or over the phone. It is all done easily from a single Sales Rep login.

Our aim here is to show you how a Customer/Partner portal can help your business save time and provide a better experience for your customers. If you would like to chat with us and see if a self-service portal like this would be a fit for your business, please click on the button below and contact us.

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