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What CRM Can Do For You

Marc Reidy 10/02/2024 2 mins read

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business with CRM Discover the transformative power of CRM and why it’s the key to propelling your business forward!…

Accelerator/MobileX Release (Jan 2020)

Marc Reidy 06/01/2020 3 mins read

In this blog post we will highlight some important details on this release. Full Release notes are available in the online help at 1….

Sage CRM Outlook Integration – Installation Guide

Marc Reidy 11/03/2016 3 mins read

Sage CRM Outlook Integration Our Outlook Integration (Accelerator for Sage CRM) is comprehensive and allows you to work with Sage CRM data from within your…

Software Update to Accelerator 4.4 on the way

Majella O'Connor 08/01/2016 1 min read

Our last release of Accelerator for Sage CRM brought some enhanced features you can read about in a former blog here, but today we are talking about…

Accelerator 4.3 Sage CRM Outlook Integration – Latest Release

Marc Reidy 18/08/2015 3 mins read

The primary focus on support for Sage CRM 7.3 (Outlook Integration) In this blog we will talk about the updated benefits of working Accelerator Sage CRM Outlook…

Sage CRM 7.2 and Office 2013 Support in Accelerator

Marc Reidy 16/07/2013 2 mins read

Today (16th July 2013) we are releasing an updated Accelerator build with support for Sage CRM 7.2 and Office 2013. Besides supporting two updates from…

Accelerator Road Map

Marc Reidy 13/06/2013 2 mins read

NOTE : Accelerator 4.0 has evolved to become our latest product KonneX Together With Sage Summit coming up very soon we decided it was time to talk about…