Today (16th July 2013) we are releasing an updated Accelerator build with support for Sage CRM 7.2 and Office 2013.

Besides supporting two updates from Sage and Microsoft we have also implemented some changes based on customer and partner feedback.

Email Filing: This has changed to save more details from the email (TO, CC, BCC, FROM, HTML body). The communication date will also now use the email date as the communication date time (a new default) where previously it would have used the date time it was filed to CRM (this can be turned back in a system config option). Emails can also be checked as “Private” from the filing dialog. Emails that are filed against an opportunity but are from someone outside the organization in context will have their details set (as opposed to the opportunity default company/person details).

Filing the email using Accelerator


Email as filed in CRM


WebPicker: If you are using the Accelerator Appointment/Task management (by default this is turned off as it cannot be used with Sage’s exchange integration) then you will notice a new screen that allows you to set details on other CRM screen values.


Office 2013 support



If you would like a demonstration of the software or more details please get in touch.

The software is available to download from our partner/customer cloud portal.



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