This is my plight (this is me Majella)  (That’s not me in the picture, she looks pretty scary! :-))

stressed lady resizedI absolutely abhor working with Sage CRM campaigns, waves, wave activities etc…

I want to send a pretty newsletter to my chosen dynamic group created in Sage CRM, I want to know who got it in my communications, I want to know if they bothered reading it and I also want to know if they clicked on a link I deigned to include in my aforesaid pretty email!!

Is that too much to ask???, a recent thread on LinkedIn would suggest not!

So, my plight is out, I need some backers to justify the development team at CRM Together moving it from possible solution for future release to making it happen now, who’s behind me???

Answers not needed on a postcard, just drop me an email to

There’s a pen in it for you at Summit if you’re there! 🙂




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