NOTE : Accelerator 4.0 has evolved to become our latest product KonneX Together

With Sage Summit coming up very soon we decided it was time to talk about what is happening with Accelerator, where it is going and how this affects our partners and customers.

In early July a new version of Accelerator will be released with support for Sage CRM 7.2 and Office 2013. This version will have the same look, feel and support of all other Accelerator releases, but with some small changes in how the system functions. (we removed some redundant functionality and improved some of the filing behavior – more on that next month!).

Accelerator 4.0Since we first launched Accelerator 1.0 in early 2008, the world of computing has evolved hugely.  We now have a number of new device formats for connecting to Sage CRM

  • Mobile Options (smartphones, tablets)
  • Operating systems (Windows, iOS, Android, Linux etc)
  • Browsers (IE, firefox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Email (GMail,

This evolution meant we too at CRM Together had to assess our solutions and ensure they were keeping pace with new technologies and user requirements.

Our development has always been, and will continue to be led by our customers needs.  As the very core concept of Accelerator is to enhance the user interface and interaction to Sage CRM, we have, we feel, risen to the challenge!

The new design as seen on the right, is a massive visual leap forward and in keeping with our own brand relaunch viewed through our website.  In terms of fucntionality Accelerator 4.0 is even more intuitive to use making it easier than ever for users to do their job utilising their CRM data.

The software will work in Desktop Outlook but also in GMail and allowing you to use the email client of your choice.

Accelerator 4.0 will also run as a web application in your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows phone etc), offline capabilities will be available.

Accelerator 4.0 gives our customers far more options on how to access their Sage CRM data improving how they manage their customer service and handle sales.

If you are coming to Summit please make a point of coming over to our stand 625 for a chat, maybe a demo of the beta software, or email on to organize a meeting outside of trade show hours.

For those of you not attending Summit, watch this space, we will be releasing the software Accelerator 4.0 for sale in the first quarter of 2014.




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