Gmail Integration is retired…

We regret we must announce the retirement of our Gmail integration for Sage CRM. Current clients will be supported to the end of their current stopagreement but beyond that we will no longer support the Google Gadget integration.  Our reasons for this are a mix of business and technical.

Our business reason is purely that we have not seen enough prospects and therefore customers to support the long term viability of maintaining the system.

Technically, we will attempt to outline our disillusionment

  • We have been disappointed with the API that Google provide in their Gadget and the lack of any progress/development there in the last few years. This has meant that the system is a constant moveable target and could never hit the solid heights of our Accelerator add-on (Outlook integration).
  • Installation of the Gadget has been consistently difficult due to Googles regular changes to their Admin front end.  The moving of goalposts has led us to having to spend an unreasonable amount of time on management of the product.
  • In recent days we have noticed Google Chrome has stopped any mixed content (https and http) which stops a lot of clients from using the system unless they are running https (https is the ideal scenario, but we do not feel it is up to Google to dictate). Gmail always runs on https so the Gadget and CRM must too now. As a work around clients must use Firefox or some browser that does support mixed content (https and http).

This development was for us the last straw and had led to our final decision to discontinue our Gmail integration service.

We will offer Accelerator seats (Outlook integration) to existing customers FOC, the support plan will simply migrate from one product to the other.

As the Gmail integration was implemented using our KonneX platform we are now renaming the remaining mobile aspect of the web app to be known as ‘MobileX for Sage CRM

MobileX for Sage CRM‘ will be provided and installed on premise for customers.  Currently we host the app but this will change, licensing may also change, we will issue a more detailed blog with specifics over the transition.

If you have any specific questions on this please contact us via our web form.


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