Open Source Code for Sage CRM

CRM Together develop and provide FREE components for Sage CRM.

This includes all the source code and is covered by the MIT license.

The aim here is to help Sage CRM partners and customers deliver successful implementations of Sage CRM.

Our Open Source Initiative

Over the years we have worked on a lot of Sage CRM projects and created some really nice sites.
However a lot of times, the work we completed was not quite enough to justify a product in its own right and so only a client or two might see it.

We would see sites where custom work was done and repeated, so whilst that may still happen to some extent we decided that we could take some of the things we have developed for customers and make them open source.

Our ultimate aim is to help the partner channel and their customers to complete successful implementations of Sage CRM.

We hope that partners can use the same components confident that they have the full source code to alter as they need.

The github repo's are located at
and are covered by the MIT License

If you would like to contribute to this initiative please contact us.

Access non CRM Data in table form within Sage CRM

A simple open source resource that uses a Basic Entity Wizard style Component for Sage CRM to create a new tab in My CRM as well as import the table into metadata and create a list and screen for that table. In this scenario below we are using Data Islands (a new product from CRM Together) to pull raw data (from a data island in the cloud) to CRM and then expose that data within Sage CRM. It can be used for any table and it is not reliant on the Data Islands application.


Rapid Item Picker

We wrote this code to improve the user experience of creating quotes. Specifically when adding and managing quote items.

This code as it stands is for native Sage CRM quotes as opposed to an integrated system like Sage 300.


Inline Editing for Sage CRM

Inline Editing in Sage CRM

Now you can provide a better user experience (and demo) within Sage CRM with inline editing of entities.

View the video demo on vimeo

Get source code at github

Sage CRM Signature fields

This gives you the ability to add in Signature Capture fields in Sage CRM screens.

These can be used to get customers to sign off on projects and contracts.


WYSIWYG Editors in Sage CRM

One limitation of Sage CRM is that on screens like Cases we cannot paste images into the case notes. This makes it harder to log details of a problem.

A customer of ours wanted this for their Customer 365 self service portal so we came up with the code now available open source.

We decided having it in Customer 365 on its own was not enough and so it also works within Sage CRM as well.


Github Repository

Click the link to view the full repository