So here we are in April 2014 – We still have customers asking for a copy of an invoice and/or a statement of accounts.

This can be a time sucking exercise that slows down the process of collecting payments as well as a source of frustration for the customer….

“I Customer365got to call these guys, ask them to send an email with the open invoices, forward that to accounts” …..time….goes….by……

We had a customer who had this exact frustration and decided to handle it by allowing their customers view their invoices (past and present) and even retrieve a copy of the invoice in PDF and get a statement of accounts via our Customer 365 portal.

The backend ERP system that our customer access portal integrated with was Sage 100. The invoices came from the PDF’s that the Sage 100 system created itself.

The statement of accounts was delivered using our Crystal Reports integration.

We don’t need to do things the old fashioned way. This is the time to take advantage of superior technology to improve business efficiency.

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