A few releases back Sage CRM moved its mail merge capabilities to the server-side, this was and is very useful.  With the sun setting on IE, Sage had to address the problem with how they supported client side mail merge as it used the old active X technology.

For a lot of clients this is sufficient functionally, however we always felt that the end user needed more. We have created an app that runs on the windows client (think of it like an app on your smartphone that you download but for windows).

It allows you to :

  1. Build new word templates
  2. Mail Merge with any view
  3. Mail merge to any main custom entity
  4. Mail merge to PDF/Email (outlook)
  5. Edit the merged file before saving back to CRM
  6. Download an existing client file and upload a new version

If you are sending out letters and emails to individual people/companies etc then our solution is the most powerful way to empower your staff and increase productivity. As the merge is done on local word installs, your staff are familiar with the application and so are easier to train and implement standardised processes.

The software is available as part of our Accelerator for Sage CRM package or on its own.

Check out our Client Side Mail Merge for Sage CRM video for a full demo of how you can create templates and then mail merge the documents.


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