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Historically Sage has shipped Crystal Reports with a lot of its Accounting/ERP products and indeed this has meant that a lot of Channel BPs have created reports for their customers and continue to deliver this service to their clients.

Sage CRM itself has come with the ability to view Crystal Reports but as of CRM 7.2 and beyond this is no longer true.

The Sage channel and customers have been using Crystal Reports across their product line especially in the ERP products like Sage 300 (Accpac) and 100 (MAS).  With Crystal Reports complex reports can be written that provide Business Intelligence from data sources across the enterprise.

With ‘Crystal manager for Sage CRM’ you can deliver these reports through the Sage CRM interface. There are a couple of methods of allowing access to reports.

Firstly there is the report list where reports can be run and any prompts displayed. When a report is viewed you can print or export.

Secondly we also have one click reports. These are reports that are embedded into (summary) screens that take a parameter based on the current context and run the report without asking the user for further input.

These reports can also be delivered in 3 formats via one click and they are Crystal Viewer (the default), PDF and Word. When delivered as a PDF you also have the option for a communication to be created and a copy of the PDF report saved in the document library. This is a fantastic security feature to go along with the report access logging.


 So the benefits of Crystal Manager for Sage CRM

  • Crystal Manager allows you to deliver real financial and inventory data to your Sales people
  • Our customers use Crystal Reports instead of mail merge as it allows a far more flexible platform to create complex documents.
  • Customers and business partners also use it to deliver report data from 3rd party systems and CRM without having to know how to code CRM custom pages.

Talk to us about your needs to see if Crystal Manager can solve a problem for you in your business or join us on one of our monthly intro demos of the solution, you can sign up here



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